Friday, January 2, 2009

Pak them off

Anyone would trip, if they tried walking with their foot in the mouth. Pakistan seems to be addicted to this foolhardy act.

Take the first instance. Pakistan has been alleging India of supporting the tribal insurgency in Pakistan. Well that theory got nullified when the insurgents declared that they are ready to fight along side Pakistan and send an army of suicide bombers inside India anytime. In fact it ended up confirming the already known fact that the Taliban is in cahoots with the Pakistan army (read the real government) at some level.

Second instance was when they alleged that there was an Indian connection behind the Lahore blasts. India had not even digested this remark when a pro-Taliban outfit claimed responsibility for the attack. The insurgents further added that they will also avenge the air strike conducted in North Waziristan by the Pakistan army. This confirms that the average Pakistani should fear a fellow countryman from the western border more than his secular democratic neighbour.

Its not the time for Pakistan to mobilize its troop at the eastern border; but to intensify the assault at their north western front. But now pops up the real question. What should India do when it’s circus clown of a neighbour is hopping around on one leg threatening to destruct everything around him? Well…how would I know? As always, its easier to solve someone else’s problem than sort out ours.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Mumbai

Can't take it anymore. Blogging aimlessly to vent out ones anger is the stupidest thing to do. Easy for me to say time to act...but what the hell am I going to do? for the matter what can be done? Not a single case of terrorist attack in this country has reached a logical conclusion. stuck. stuck. stuck. Minority appeasement, majority's prejudices, nepotism, legal loopholes, corruption, red tape, govt. files, files, files, files and even as I write more files are piling on someone's desk.

Taj, Oberoi, these are not landmarks; they are a part of my consciousness. I have lost count of the number of times my legs have dragged me automatically to VT or Churchgate, just because I was bored, confused, frustrated and contemplating enlightenment or blowing up myself sitting at home. Marine Drive, DN Road...these places have given me answers for questions which I never asked. They can't burn. I might need those answers again. Maybe not, but they simply can't burn. MY MUMBAI CAN'T BURN.

I am one of the proudest Mumbaikars one might bump into. It's my identity. I have lost my sense of security long back...yet the love for this city runs in my body. Its dark red.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let them hit hard…

On our faces they spat
We wiped them
But the stain still speaks
Maybe…it has sensed their defeat

Let them hit hard

They broke our dignity…our dreams
But they want more….thats what it seems
Blinded by power they march
Not knowing…they haven’t yet broken our will

Now our tear drops have died
But the salt still flows...
Brushing our wounds…
Flaming our ego
Just one more wound to go

Let them hit hard
And fear they will know

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sunny side up

Calling me stupid would be an understatement. Now read on…

Was a tad late for office and hurried inside the lift. Waited for people to trickle in leaning against the wall. My destination - floor number 10. Time for take off. Glanced at the wall. At the liftman’s khaki uniform. The indicator showed first floor. Saw Sunil Gavaskar on my right. Saw the liftman. Wait a minute…did I say Gavaskar?…Turn right again…Yes, its him…I was transported to Lords…no no Kingston…bah leave it. Ok what next?...Lift stops at some floor….and hes still there…standing next to me…I noticed his height…very few cricketers whom I could look eye to eye …but what do I ask?... “Mr. Gavaskar how does it feel to have a Calypso composed on you? Who was better…Joel Garner or Sylvester Clarke…well did u ever face Clarke? or was it Marshhhhhhh”…

“Congrats…we won the series” said an old man to Sunny…He said “O yes”... Now again my mind started racing….think shld ask him why he goes overboard about Sachin during matches?…no no was thinking something else…Patterson…no Clarke…and then it slipped…

“Sir, are you going to Radio One?”
“No”, he said…his face tilting 2 degrees to his left…and then he was gone. Floor number 6 the indicator said.

“Arey yahan unka office hai”. It was Pandey the liftman. As I got out, I just thought…calling me stupid would be an understatement.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Its happened again. Just the setting is different. Not so long ago I was all set to titillate the mike, let my voice flow through the air and play some good music. In short I was a radio jockey. But destiny just humped me from the back....even though am straight. Today, I write promos for the guy whos taken up my job. In fact I produce his show...technically its our show. Nothing against him. Yes but I have many bones....nay skeletons to pick....with the management. Fuck the management.

Its hard to settle for medicority when one has high expectations with his self. I am being under-utilised....Hello....Does anyone realise that? Talent...just like time...if wasted never comes back. But how will these diseased management bastards ever realise that. Its a dangerous disease. I call it jargonosis. Its a situation where you create shit and then get out of it by quoting shit. I consider management jargons....for that matter verbal faeces.

Please....I cant settle for mediocrity. I have a voice. I have a right to voice. AND I KNOW THAT I WILL. Just lying low for a while...only to pounce and grab. I still consider myself lucky to have done a radio show. Its next to bliss.

I will be back. not with a bang...but with a holocaust!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mayhem matters...

They crucified and the world watched….
Whipping all the way to glory were they…
And all the while an eerie silence governed
Maybe it was momentary? Or it wasn’t?

The raiders have raided, marauders marauded
The living salute the dead, and everything they dread
But still there is a tinge of green
On the otherwise pale pine
We will breathe, so what if a few aeons pass
We will live on…

Egos died a whimper less death
Bones are now soil and on it people fear to tread
But they did tread along the path of blood
Cz they knew that it leads to the elixir

Friday, February 8, 2008

Cheeni zyada

Cheen ke nazar mein hai Aksai Chin
Kya Bharat ki suraksha par hai prashna chin?
Woh kehte hain Arunachal Pradesh ko Tawang
Pata nahi kaun hai right kaun wrong
Ek taraf apni economy ko dekhar badhai
Doosri oar Arunachal par kabze ki hai rutt lagayi
Par bina Arunachal Pradesh ke lagega India
Jaise dudh bina malai
Phir na keh paaoge Hindi Cheeni Bhai Bhai
Kyonki toot jaayega bharat, jise joda tha jamaakar pai pai